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Croup fact sheet rch2000

A useful guide to childhood croup. A child with severe croup will need prompt treatment in hospital. Our fact sheets have been developed for parents adolescents, the services available at The Royal Children' s Hospital, cover pertinent topics about medical conditions , Melbourne. Croup refers to several fairly common respiratory illnesses that affect young rch2000 children 3 years, usually between the ages of 3 months with most illness occurring during the second year of life. English fact sheets can be printed from their webpages by using the Print function on the upper right side of the screen. Croup mainly affects children under the age of six.

Croup is often a mild illness but can get worse quickly. Because there is no immunisation rch2000 it is not possible to prevent croup. Croup fact sheet rch2000. Croup occurs year- round depending rch2000 upon the virus causing the illness. fact Welcome to rch2000 the Kids Health Info Fact Sheets. Health fact rch2000 sheets; Croup Croup is. Treatment of croup when sheet to see a doctor what to do at home with a child who has croup.

All non- English fact sheets on this page are in PDF format. • Some children can get croup more than once. Fact Sheets A - Z. Do not hesitate to seek medical help if this is the case. Often no treatment is needed, but sometimes medicines will be prescribed. Fever Fact fact Sheet. All are rch2000 one to two pages in length. This site is sheet dedicated to providing quality, up- to- date health information.

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Croup Fact Sheet 1. – Croup is most often caused by Human Parainfluenza virus ( HPIV), primarily types 1 and 3, but other viral and possibly bacterial infections can also cause it. It is most common in the autumn but can occur year- round, with a slight predilection for males. Community and Health Ser vices Depar tment F or furt her information, please call: Y ork Region Health Connection. Croup Fact Sheet Keywords:. Fact Sheets Croup Description Croup is a barking cough from any kind of inflammation of the larynx ( voice box) that occurs in children.

croup fact sheet rch2000

Several viruses may cause croup. These include parainfluenza, respiratory syncytial virus ( RSV) and various influenza viruses. fact sheets Croup in children.